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On the High Road
This volume traces the 4000-year history of this important settlement and demonstrates how, at each successive phase of occupation, the people of Godin exploited their home's position at the crossroads of cultures.
The Kurdish Nationalist Movements in Turkey:1980 to 2011
This book analyzes the three most important developments in the Kurdish nationalist movements in Turkey during the three decade span from 1980 to 2011.
Iranian Performance Traditions
This book deals with Iranian performance, particularly the traditional theatrical forms ta’ziyeh and ru-hozi.
Of Serpents and Dragons in Islamic Art
More New Titles
Armenian Kars and Ani
Addenda on The Commentary on The Philosophy of Illumination:Part One on The Rules of Thought.

Forthcoming Titles
Horse's Head
This novel is a quest story of sorts in which the protagonist becomes acquainted with a young Kurdish woman and is infatuated with her plight with regard to Kurdish autonomy.
Licensed Fool
The 1823 Russian Survey of the Karabagh Province
Ta`liqat of Molla Sadra: Part I
More Forthcoming Titles
Nur al-Fu'ad [ Inner Light]
Sasanian Coinage: A Catalog

Persian Titles
Sargozasht-e Haji Baba-ye Isfahani
This is a translation of James Morier’s novel, "The Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan," by Mirza Habib Isfahani.
Do Qarn Sokout
Divan-e Parvin E`tesami
More Persian Titles
Tarikh-e Engelab-e Fikri-ye Bukhara
Intermediate Persian Dictionary
Featured Titles
Houghton Shahnameh
"The most beautiful book in the world! Seeing its pages is like opening a door and seeing the Sistine ceiling for the first time."
---Art News
Persian Gulf
This book offers a balanced version of the history of the Persian Gulf. The story itself is presented in the natural and anthropological context of the subject.
Persian Cuisine
This new edition of the most popular Persian cookbook in America has sold over 60,000 copies to date.
Survey of Persian Art: Art of the Book
More Featured Titles
Myth of Creation
History of Shah ‘Abbas the Great (Vol. I)

Clearance Titles
Folly of Speaking
On sale now.
$8.00[was $15.95].
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One Volume English-Persian Dictionary
On sale now for $15.00. Was $35.00
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Movement and Change
On sale now.
$15.00[ was $25.00]
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Dictionary of Iranian Plant Names
$25.00 [was $45.00]
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More Clearance Titles
David Anhaght‘: The 'Invincible' Philosopher

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